The Minnesota State Fair is underway through Monday, and there are plenty of things to do other than trying out new types of food and beer. I’m partial to the people watching, myself.

Because the Fair is a celebration of all things weird and unconventional, one event you definitely want to check out if you go this weekend is the All-Star Stunt Dogs Splash. Apparently, the event features ‘celebrity dogs’ you may have seen on The Tonight Show, Animal Planet, TV commercials, and more. The big draw for me though is getting to see dogs having fun jumping into a pool. Some even do some crazy acrobatics, too. Take a look at some of the stunts from a recent show and you’ll see what I mean:

How cool is that? Dogs are the best. You can see the show at The North Woods on the east side of Cooper Street on the intersection of Lee and Randall Avenues daily at 11AM, 2PM, and 4:30PM.

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