How did you spend your Memorial Day Weekend?  Mine was delightful.  Saturday was spent in the garden getting rid of dandelions as big as maple trees.  Underneath the weeds my perennials were popping up and I found my little gnome and his home!  Colorful marigolds were planted in my flower bench.  Fast forward to Sunday and facial time at Massage Envy. Ladies, if you have never had a facial, you owe it to yourself to make an appointment today!  A trip to Menards to purchase a fountain/birdbath.  A stop at Arby's and home to put together said fountain.  I love it.  Today was spent doing laundry and cleaning - ugh. A drive through the Minnesota State Veterans Cemetery was a humbling, emotional experience. Seeing all of the flags flying along the driveway to the cemetery and around the grave sites truly brought tears to my eyes.  Not to be outdone by folks BBQ'ing outdoors, I grilled up a New York strip steak slathered in K C Masterpiece BBQ sauce.  It was delectable.  George Foreman and I did pretty good!  Now, I'm relaxing, watching "The Bachelorette" and getting into the back-to-work-tomorrow mindset.  I hope you enjoyed your weekend as much as I did.  Closing out the day with one more thank you to members of our Armed Forces who lost their lives protecting our freedom.

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