Rawlings Gold Glove awards were announced last night on ESPN, and it was a big night for the Minnesota Twins. CF Byron Buxton and 2B Brian Dozier each got their first ever awards. Yet, I am still bitter about Joe Mauer missing the final cut.

Buxton and Dozier was fantastic this year, especially Buxton who just may be the best outfielder in baseball. Buxton made highlight reel catch after highlight reel catch, which turned the entire Minnesota Twins defense around. Add in great plays from Brian Dozier, the Twins looked great in the field.

These are some of Buxton best catches, and it actually takes three minutes to get through them all, thanks too Sporting Videos, via YouTube. That is how awesome he is.

Dozier was great, too, and really has been for the past couple seasons. He finally got his first Gold Glove with some fantastic plays in short right field.

Still, the one player that I thought was a shoe-in for at least being a finalist was Joe Mauer. Mauer had a great season for the Twins in the field, scooping everything left and right, and playing a very athletic first base, something that fans have really noticed this season.

Mauer not only got back to hit over .300, but it was tough for him to get past a couple of names that are associated with being great defenders at first base.

Hosmer turned out the winner, and the numbers say he didn't have a great year. What a joke. Anyway, it was still a good win for Dozier and Buxton who were great defensively this year.


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