According to Mike Berardino of the Pioneer Press, the Twins plan to wrap up trade talks on Brian Dozier out of respect for Dozier.

It doesn't look like Dozier will be traded anytime soon. I thought that Dozier would be an excellent trading piece. His contract is very team friendly, he is a great player that would demand a high return.

Detroit Tigers v Minnesota Twins
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Everyone thought the Twins found a great trade partner in the Dodgers, but they just didn't feel the return had a high enough value to pull the trigger. The Twins were never actively trying to trade Dozier. Meaning, they were never calling teams looking to make a deal. They were listening to offers, and letting teams know what they believed to be a fair return for a player that just hit 42 home runs and 99 RBI.

The Twins never said they were keeping him, either. There is still a possibility that Minnesota makes a move, but I wouldn't count on it.

I won't blame the Twins for that one. If you don't feel like you are getting a high enough return for a player of Dozier's caliber, don't make the deal. Dozier is an excellent player, and if the Twins young core finally figures it out, the Twins might be on the road to success.

For now, I would expect Dozier to stay on the Twins for the 2017 season.

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