One of Minnesota's biggest airlines announced last week they're revising their policy regarding service and support animals who happen to be pit bulls.

According to this CNBC story, Delta-- the largest airline that flies out of the Minneapolis-St. Paul airport-- made the announcement late last week that they were going to prohibit pit bulls on any of their flights-- whether they're service or support animals or not.

The airline said it was a response to several recent issues. "Delta said its ban on pit bull-type dogs responds to 'growing safety concerns' after several employees were bitten, the airline said in a statement," the story noted.

That change-- as well as now limiting you to only one support animal per person-- isn't being received well by some folks. This Atlanta Journal-Constitution story says that groups like the Humane Society of the United States say the ban might not be legal, because it targets a specific breed, and is not based on an individual animal's behavior.

Either way, the new policy is set to start on July 10th. I don't have a pit bull and don't fly all that often, so I'm guessing the policy won't affect me. I have met a lot of pit bulls, though, who aren't ferocious in the least bit-- and I've also met a fairly nasty-tempered Chihuahua who wanted nothing more than to shred my leg, so go figure.

You can read more about Delta's new policy, and how it might affect you, HERE.

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