Saturday was a fun day spent at a sweet car show, along with a parade in Grand Meadow all a part of the Meadowfest celebration!

While we were hanging out at the car show from 11-1:30pm, there was a chicken feed, inflatable games for the kids and a whole lot more. The car show was great. Near 40 cars packed the parking lot with all different types of vehicles getting their fair share of "wow". I remember the '57 Bel Air that was in the, that was one nice ride.


Besides the car show, the parade was packed along the streets of Grand Meadow for some epic-candy throwing. It was fun to wave and toss candy at all of the those attending.

The day wrapped up with Time Machine, which I was able to make it too, but it was still a blast to hang out in Grand Meadow for the afternoon. If you haven't been to the car show before, I highly recommend it!

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