Do you love road-trips? Then stand up and say, "THANK YOU!" because you live in a great state for it. Wallethub did their annual math assignment and figured out the best states for road trips (read their article here) and Minnesota is #3! But we're number one in Safety, and that's cool, too. As for costs, we came in #31. A li'l spendy here, then, you know. Well, OK, but we should cost more. We're Minnesota! You want a taste of our awesome, cough up the dough, Ryan!

What are the best road trips in Minnesota? Here's my Top Five

1 - Duluth In a recent poll of Y-105FM listeners, Duluth was a favorite spot. And most respondents echoed Cheryl's opinion...

Sue Moore / TSM

2 - MN's Largest Candy Store, Jordan, MN It is an amazing collection of everything from traditional, old-fashioned candy (like Circus Peanuts and hard candy) to wild soda flavors (butter!) and candied hot sauces. The place is BUSY on the weekends, so either get there early on Saturday or go on a Thursday or Friday.

I bought a bunch of the wild soda to use on the air, and I can only find the video of amazing listener Jay trying the Bacon Soda! Click HERE (or scroll down) to see it.

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3 - The North Shore Oh my gosh, the vistas, the views. the trees, the lakes, the grandness of it all, the peace and serenity (or, doing a storm, the power of nature), driving up the North Shore and staying for a week is one of the best ways to truly reset your body clock, to do an emotional and mental cleanse of stress, anger, and tension. It's been said it is one of the best places to do nothing.


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4 - Zumbrota  / Wabasha You go to Zumbrota for lunch and the most amazing Chicken Salad Sandwich you will ever have at Bridget's Cafe (see my blog here) and then you swing over to Wabasha and hit up the Eagle Center, and for dinner, lots of great restaurants and bars (a lot of folks love SLIPPERY'S!, which is also fun to say) or head across the river to the Harbor View in Pepin, and then back to Rochester. Round trip it's about 2 and a half hours, but it's such a beautiful drive, you'll want to take your time and explore.

5 - Minneapolis / St Paul It's not a long road-trip, but your choice of unusual existis just 60 minutes away! The Museum of Quackery and Medical Frauds, Wabasha Street Caves, the House of Balls, and, if you love books, and magazines from the 1930's 'til now, you gotta visit Midway Used and Rare Books. The basement is FILLED with old comics, sports magazines, fashion magazines, and, I think, a bunch of old school Simplicity Patterns. Or, if you love murder mysteries, Once Upon a Murder is a great bookstore, too. Plus, so many great restaurants. hit up Google, and try something new and fun!

So, get out and drive, my friend, and send us pictures along the way!

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