I love going to small towns and finding a delicious bite to eat. There is something special about finding a new place to eat and enjoying the hometown food and the amazing atmosphere. Only In Your State believes it has found the town with the "most scrumdiddilyumptious" restaurants in Rushford! Well, did they?

Only In Your State highlighted three different restaurants, including Stumpy's, II Lugi and The Creamery. Each one brings something different to the beautiful town of Rushford, weather it is great food, amazing atmosphere or history!

Stumpy's is the hometown bar and restaurant that might not look like much on the outside, but inside is an absolute blast! Here is what Only In Your State had to say:

"Stumpy's has an unassuming exterior, but don't that stop you from giving it a go. You'll be impressed with the fantastic service, hometown atmosphere, and generous servings. there is a new special every day, such as burger Mondays or broasted chicken on Sundays. As an added bonus, if you arrive in Rushford early enough, you can even stop in at Stumpy's for a hearty breakfast."

The next stop was II Lugi that has a very historical building, and some amazing Italian food. This might be your place is you are looking for some high-quality italian cuisine. Only In Your State thinks so:

"A stop at Il Luigi has twofold benefits. First, you get to take in the history of one of Rushford's historic buildings. Second, your meal will be prepared by a chef who has tons of knowledge and experience creating Italian cuisine. Whether you choose pasta, fish, or a simple salad, you will love the fresh flavors. If you're looking for great Italian food with small-town prices, this is your place."

If you are looking for a slice pizza and some ice cream, Only In Your State thinks you should head to The Creamery. I mean, who doesn't want 15 to 30 options of ice cream?

"Like Il Luigi, the Creamery is housed in a historic building, this one built in 1915. The stone building and historic details make this a truly charming stop during your day in Rushford. After you take in the quaint surroundings, it's time for pizza. All of the pizzas at the Creamery are hand-tossed and can be topped with your choice between nearly two dozen different toppings. After pizza, grab an ice cream on your way out. In the summer months, there are over 30 options. In fall and winter, there is a more modest - but still large -variety, with 15 flavors on offer. With this much variety, you're sure to find something you love."

Only In Your State found some great places in Rushford, there is no doubt about that! What I think is important is that it is not just Rushford in Southeast Minnesota that has amazing places to eat and beautiful scenery.

What town did Only In Your State miss?

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