Construction is set to begin Monday, May 9th for the Highway 30 project in Rushford.

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The Minnesota Department of Transportation said the project includes reconstructing a half mile of Highway 30 from the western city limits to Highway 43 (Mill Street).

The project also includes replacing existing sidewalks and extending sidewalks, replacing storm sewer pipe and structures, improving downtown lighting, and reconstructing city sanitary sewer, water main, and services.

Work is expected to be completed at the end of October.

Two Construction Stages Of Highway 30 Project in Rushford

MnDOT the project will be split into two construction stages. Stage 1 is scheduled from May 9 to late July. Work will be downtown/east end (Mill Street/Hwy 43 to W Stevens Avenue).

Stage 2 is scheduled from late July to late October and work will occur on the west end (W Stevens Avenue to western city limits).

Traffic Impacts of Highway 30 Project in Rushford

Throughout both stages of construction, a detour will be in place for thru traffic.

The detour will direct travelers around the entire work zone suing Highway 43, Highway 16, and Cooperative Way.

Residents, business owners and visitors may access the project area using adjacent local streets; however, street parking within the project will not be allowed during construction.

Vehicle traffic should plan to access properties by parking on the nearest side street or parking lot. The sidewalk on one side of the road will remain open during construction.

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