Ah, the hangover. Nature’s way of reminding you that you were an idiot last night. Many of us have woken up with a splitting headache, a dry mouth, and maybe a bit of queasiness. Hangovers aren’t fun! But a bunch of Minnesota guys swear they’ve created their own hangover cure, and it might be available sooner rather than later.

These guys invented a drink called Revitalyte, which has a nutritional formula that’s similar to Pedialyte (another go-to hangover cure – it’s not just for babies!) but with different flavors. In addition to being a hangover cure, they’re also marketing as a hydrating sports drink.

But does it actually work? If it’s similar to Pedialyte, it probably does (that’s the drink that helped me survive WE Fest a couple years ago). They’re planning on launching it at 10 different liquors over the next few weeks, with plans for expansion. I think it’s a pretty ingenious idea, personally. And it’s cool that it comes from Minnesota. So if you ever spot this drink while you’re picking up some booze, you may want to nab a bottle as an insurance policy.

Source: KARE 11

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