Minnesota DNR Wildlife Research and Policy Manager, Lou Cornicelli, Ph.D., visited the KFIL studio Monday morning and recorded a public service announcement concerning CWD and the aggressive hunting season.  Cornicelli stated that during the fall hunting season, a few deer were found to have CWD.  The DNR response has been that of imposing a recreational feeding ban and instituting an aggressive hunting season in an attempt to limit or eliminate the disease. Land ownership permits were also issued. Since the start of the aggressive hunting season on December 31, 2016, Cornicelli states that 873 deer have been taken, 600 tested and six deer found to have CWD, all around Preston. Cornicelli states the community and landowners have been very responsive and cooperative, and the DNR appreciates the response to the aggressive hunt. Daily updates related to CWD and disease response can be found at MN DNR.  Cornicelli's complete statement will be broadcast on KFIL 103.1 several times over the next few days, so stayed tuned. 

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