Mienergy Cooperative announced a planned power outage Monday night starting at 11:50 p.m. for one hour. Residents in the City of Rushford were affected by the outage, if they receive their electric bill from the City of Rushford.

The decision to plan the power outage came after reviewing the City of Rushford's substation with an infrared camera. The crews for MiEnergy and Dairyland were confident that Saturday's electric blinks were related to a piece of equipment known as a lightning arrestor within the substation. Dairyland went out and changed out all six arrestors on that transformer.

MiEnergy, ITC Midwest and Dairyland wanted thank everyone for their patience during this frustrating series of blink events.

The blinks on Saturday were a separate issue from the ones that occured two weeks ago when ITC Midwest changed out insulators on a stretch transmission line north of Rushford.

The blinks could be felt by the cities of Lewiston, Utica, Rushford and Stockton and the rural areas surrounding those cities.

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