I find it hard to believe; it seems like only yesterday.  Twenty years ago today, April 17, 1997, I arrived in Preston.  It was a long trip getting here.  Exactly 997 miles door-to-door from my old house in Niagara Falls, New York to my new home in Preston.  A U-Haul filled to the max with all of my worldly belongings, towing my car.  So many changes have taken place in my life since that day.  My first job here was working at the Fillmore County Sheriff's Office; Jim Connelly was Sheriff.  Then I got a part-time job at B&B Bowl - still there!  After leaving FCSO, I started working at KFIL radio.  Do I miss Niagara Falls?  Of course I do; it's where I was born and raised and the only other place I've lived.  However, had I not made the move, I would have missed out on so many things.  I've made wonderful friends; sadly some have moved to other cities or have passed away.  Witnessed friends marriages.  Welcomed friends' babies and watched them grow.  Attended town events and car shows.  Youth bowling and Scotch doubles.  Won a ribbon at the Fillmore County Fair!  Experienced the tragedy of a devastating fire, the coming together of our community through fundraisers and the rebuild of the new B&B Bowl.  I've started a small side business with friends Kevin and Holly, attending craft shows and holiday celebrations.  These mentions only scrape the surface of my life in Preston.  It's been quite a ride!  To all of you who have made this "city girl" feel welcomed in this terrific small town, thank you!  Take a peek at some of the photos that fill my memories.  Happy anniversary to me!

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