A phone scam has came into Minnesota, according to an article on valleynewslive.com. The scam wants you to say the word "yes", so they can have you recorded saying "yes"

Seems weird, right?

Well, this way the scammers can add unwanted phone charges to your phone bill. Then, when you call to complain, the scammers have you recorded saying "yes". Meaning, you are stuck paying the bill.

Quiet sneaky it is.

The Better Business Bureau said the question doesn't have to be "Can you hear me?" It can be any question that is looking for the "yes" answer. Reports have said this scam has been located in Pennsylvania, and has also made its way into Minnesota.

The best way to protect against this is to hang up your phone when you hear the question, especially when it is from an unfamiliar number. Also, if the scammer says they are with a government agency, hang up immediately. Government agencies will not call you, unless you initiate first, they will always contact you by mail.

Also, the if you do get a call, it would be great to immediately report it to the BBB or the FTC (Federal Trade Commission). Either way, if you get a question like that from an unrecognized number, don't answer it!

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