St Paul (KROC AM News) - Governor Mark Dayton has signed legislation that is designed to to provide an automatic 25 percent reduction in health insurance premiums for the more than 125,000 Minnesotans facing significant premium increases in the individual market.

The following is a statement from Governor Mark Dayton.

“In order to provide urgently-needed health insurance premium relief to 125,000 Minnesotans, I am signing this essential legislation today. I do not agree with everything included in it. I have said repeatedly that I think it is unnecessary and unwise to rush the ‘reforms’ added to this bill, without proper public review or full consideration of their consequences. I am especially concerned that the change to allow foreign and for-profit insurers into the Minnesota market has not been adequately reviewed, and I ask the legislature to seriously re-evaluate this provision, when future health care legislation is considered.

“However, I appreciate that the bill's Conferees agreed to my proposed mechanism to provide this premium relief as quickly as possible. And I commend the House leadership for championing the important 'Continuity of Care' addition to the bill.

“I also appreciate the Senate leadership's willingness to set aside, for now, the reinsurance provision, which I have urged be given more careful consideration through the appropriate legislative committees. And I am relieved that the Conferees wisely rejected the House amendment, which would have removed important health care protections for Minnesotans.

“The Legislature and I must now turn our attention to making good health care coverage available and affordable for all Minnesotans. As I said the other night, ‘If we all give a little, Minnesotans will gain a lot.’ That spirit prevailed in negotiating this legislation. May it continue.”
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