Seriously, this is not okay. Canada is stealing our summer!!

Okay, Canada isn't technically "stealing" our summer, but the high pressure from our neighbors to the north is definitely messing with our weather.

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I thought Ted Schmidt from KTTC did a good job explaining this, in one of his latest Facebook posts. He mentioned earlier this week,

Cool, crisp, fall-like weather returns Tuesday as high pressure settles in from Canada. Drier, less humid weather will blow into the region on gusty northwest winds and afternoon high temperatures will be in the mid 70s.


We'll have bright sunshine and highs in the 70s through Friday before a few thunderstorms look to return later Saturday and for parts of Sunday."

U.S. Climate Data shows that we'll continue to feel cool throughout the rest of the week too, and this certainly isn't typical for August in Minnesota.

This got me to ask: has the Minnesota State Fair ever seen temperatures like this? Believe it or not, "The Great Minnesota Get Together" has seen weather colder than this before. The Minnesota Climatology Office explained,

The coolest Minnesota State Fair was during the six-day run of the Fair from September 5-10 1898 with an average maximum temperature of 64.2 degrees. The coldest maximum temperature for the Fair is 52 degrees on September 7, 1911, and the coldest minimum temperature is 33 degrees on September 13, 1890. The coolest Fair morning in recent years was a chilly 36 degrees on September 1, 1974."

Be prepared to bring a cardigan this year! Oh, and you can totally blame Canada while you're at it.

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