Sometimes you have a day where you really want some chocolate. You say you're just going to sit and eat tons of chocolate. Apparently, someone in Germany took that literally!

Police in Germany are looking for a truck that was stolen about a dozen days ago. The police say the truck contains about 22 tons of Nutella, Kinder Surprise eggs and Valparaiso chocolate fruit pearls. Now, I've had Nutella before. That hazelnut spread is mighty tasty to some people.

There is no known motive to the theft, but the value of the stolen goodies is somewhere in the $59,000 to $82,000 range. Apparently that isn't the only chocolate thievery this month, either. You can read more about Germans and their chocolate at this Fox News website link.

My theory? Someone was on a diet and got a little HANGRY. "Hungry? Grab A Snickers" became, "Hungry, Grab 22 tons of Goodies." Now where did I leave my Kit-Kats?

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