Anyone who has traveled down Highway 52 in Preston the past few days has undoubtedly seen hundreds of cars in the parking lot and lining the streets near the new B&B Bowl.  One of those cars Tuesday evening was mine, parked down the street nearly to the Sheriff's Office!  A employee at the B&B for fourteen years, Tuesday was my first night back at it, and did I ever hit the ground running!  Walking through the door, I immediately saw the kitchen buzzing with activity.  Three cooks, count 'em - three - including owner Shelly Hanson, were flipping burgers and making pizza for a dining room and bar full of hungry patrons.  Co-owner Paul Hanson was washing dishes as fast as the waitresses were piling more dirty dishes on the counter.  And the wait staff and bartenders.  I cannot say enough about them and how hard they were working.  Even the Hansons little grandson Beau was helping hand out menus.


 Working in the bowling area, an up close and personal experience with the new POS system had me nervous and sweating.  I made a couple huge mistakes that Shelly fixed for me.  After that it went smoothly.  Hearing customer comments was so uplifting, most of them stating the new B&B looks like "a fancier restaurant in Rochester"!  After a year off, I'm so out of shape!  Taking that first step out of bed this morning, my feet and hips ache.  But my heart is filled with pride that I am fortunate enough to work at such a beautiful new building with owners and co-workers that I love and in a community that I enjoy so much. Thank you to everyone who helped make our dream come true!

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