Monday is the day, It was way back in January that we caught wind that nearly 500 tractors were going to pass through Fillmore County. Now, nearly six months later, the tractors are coming.

Get Hook'd on Preston mentioned on their Facebook page that the tractors were going to be coming through Harmony and into Preston for lunch before headed back to Cresco at the end of the day. All of these tractors are apart of the 20th Annual WMT Tractorcade.

Here is what Preston and other Fillmore County residents should keep in mind for Monday, according to Get Hooked on Preston's Facebook Page:

  • There WILL be congestion in town over the lunch hour as tractors will be coming in for lunch and going back out.
  • Law enforcement will be assisting in traffic control.
  • They have scheduled stops and cannot make other stops so setting up a lemonade stand or other type of stand for them to swing through is of no value.
  • People are welcome to stop at the Fillmore County Fairgrounds and have lunch with them. It is open to the public.
  • You can watch the tractors anywhere along the route.
    The riders love to wave at spectators and some have horns and other sound effects too!

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