Get ready to see hundreds of tractors head through Fillmore County this summer.

The 20th Annual Great Eastern Iowa Tractorcade is going to roll through Harmony and Preston this year, on day one of the three-day Tractorcade. The Preston Chamber of Commerce shared the information on Wednesday on their website, and you can check out the map and full release HERE.

Organizers expect nearly 500 participating tractors this year, to go along with 500 support people to take on the Tractorcade which will travel between 40 and 75 miles each day and enjoying the scenery of Southeast Minnesota and Northeast Iowa at 10-15 mph.

The event kicks off at the Mighty Howard County Fairgrounds, which is where the tractors will start and end their day for each leg of the Tractorcade. The Tractorcade has drawn comparisons to RAGBRAI, but with tractors instead of bikes.

The tractors will head through Harmony and Preston on Monday, June 10th, so if you are free, make sure you check it out as they come through town, or join the Tractorcade yourself with details on how to join HERE.

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