Good Morning America is going to pop-up all over the country, and Austin, MN says, "Pop-up here!"  GMA is looking for reasons they should visit towns, so it would be great if we could help 'em out by showing and tagging the heck outta Austin!

I got in touch with Discover Austin, MN to find out what people could do specifically to get the GMA crew to SpamTown USA...shje said its all about photos and hash-tagging.

"We are very excited about the possibility of having GMA in our community and would very much appreciate all the support. For all your listeners if they want to visit an attraction, event or enjoy some dining in Austin, MN and then post on Social Media using the hashtag #GMAOnTheRoad and tagging @visitAustinMN that would be incredible."

Where could you visit?

Check out their tourism guide here and visit Austin. Help 'em get Good Morning America to pop-up!

A few of my favorites from Austin...

Photo by James Rabe

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