I'm afraid of heights, so it's something I would never attempt.  However, if you enjoy the rush you feel when zip lining, you live in the right state!  Tucked away in a forest in Henderson, Minnesota, The Kerfoot Canopy Tour is described by Only In Your State as "an adventure park hiding in the middle of a Minnesota forest that you need to visit".  The Kerfoot Canopy Tour makes Ferris wheels and roller coasters look tame!  Fourteen zip lines are offered, the highest being 175 feet in the air. The launch platforms look like adult-sized tree houses, with a 170-foot suspension bridge spanning two platforms.   Fully trained guides help you through your adventure.  Now, I'm sure zip lining is an experience like no other and the scenery is undoubtedly breathtaking.  If I ever became brave enough to try zip lining, I wouldn't see any of Mother Nature's beauty because my eyes would be closed from fright!  If you have that "live every minute to its fullest" mind set, more power to you!  Give The Kerfoot Canopy Tour a try.  To learn more, visit Only In Your State or Minnesota Zip Line Adventures.  Happy trails!

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