Andrew Wiggins hit an incredible game-winning three pointer for the Minnesota Timberwolves to beat the Oklahoma City Thunder for their second win of the season.

It was pretty incredible, as Wiggins had just 4.7 seconds to dribble up the court and release the shot. He did just that, with the help from a screen from Karl-Anthony Towns, and banked it home. Take a look at it, courtesy of Clutch via YouTube:

The most important part of this, was that the Wolves were able to get organized after Carmelo Anthony hit a three with the Wolves leading 112-110. After Anthony's three, the Wolves trailed 113-112, and it just looked it like was going to be another game where the Wolves blew a lead in the fourth quarter.

This time, it didn't happen.

The Wolves were able to get the ball in, Wiggins made a fantastic move to get his feet set and launch a DEEEEP 3 to get the win 115-113. It was incredible because this is a game the Wolves usually lose. How many times have we seen the Wolves give up a late shot to lose the lead, hang their heads, and not get a good shot off on the last possession and lose the game? Too many times to count.

This show that the additions of veterans players that can still play like Jimmy Butler, Taj Gibson and Jamaal Crawford (who hit a game-winning three on Friday night against the Utah Jazz in the home opener). This is huge for Minnesota. The culture is changing in Minnesota, and the fact that the Wolves got a big win, in this fashion, early in the season will hopefully give them the momentum to get out to a fast start and make a run in the playoffs.

Yes, there are 79 games left, but the signs are pointing in the good direction for the Timberwolves, and it all starts with a winning culture.

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