Everyone plays Monopoly their own way, and that is really okay, you should absolutely be able to do that. If you want to play it right, though, you have to follow the original rules of the game!

1. You Can't Collect Rent Money in Jail 

This is a lie. There is nothing else too it! I am pretty sure my brother used this trick on me, but according to the OFFICIAL Monopoly rules, you still collect the rent even though you are in jail, because you have people that do that for you.

Okay, maybe you don't have people doing ti for you, but you still get the rent money, don't let your older brother play that rule on you!


2. If you land on GO - Collect $400

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Another lie that someone made up to get some extra cash. This is called CHEATING and is not welcomed in any Monopoly game that I play in. you still only get $200 for passing GO as your 'paycheck' at least, that is how I see it. Either way, you only get $200!


3. Land On Free Parking - Get Money

This one is #FakeNews, but I totally play Monopoly this way. If you land on Free Parking, you get exactly what it says. Free Parking. You just get to hang out on that spot until your next turn. All of the taxes and fees should be going back to the bank.

Way more fun to play with $500 starting in the 'Free Parking' pot though, right?

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