The University of Minnesota's softball team had no favors done for them. After completing a fantastic regular season, that ended with the Big Ten Tournament Title, the Gophers softball team finished with a 54-3 record. They have not lost since April 1st.

The Gophers were riding high into the NCAA Softball Selection Show, with the best record in softball and the number 2 ranking in the Division 1 Coaches Poll.

You would think the Gophers would be locked in for one of the top 16 seeds, right?


The Gophers are headed to Tuscaloosa, Alabama to take on Louisiana Tech (37-22). Minnesota's region is headed by Alabama (40-15) who are ranked 15th by the same Coaches Poll.

How this even happened, I am not sure. My best guess is as good as anyone. The Big Ten is not known for having high-quality softball teams, but if the coaches that are voting have the Gophers as number 2 in the nation, you would think the selection committee would be somewhere close to that.

The Gophers have suffered the worst snub of all time, according to the St. Paul Pioneer Press. They lost three games all season, and are not one of the Top 16 teams in the country? Ridiculous. The Gophers do no have a win against a top-10 RPI team, and that is the only thing going against them. Regardless, it shouldn't have happened.

The team has to beat the best teams to win the tournament, I understand that, but this seeding is a complete debacle.

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