In case you haven't heard, the US Postal Service is introducing a free new service that lets you preview your mail digitally to see what's set to arrive in your mailbox. It's called USPS Informed Delivery, and it seems like a great idea. But apparently there's one way for this service to be abused - all thanks to some shady individuals out there.

One of the growing trends I've noticed lately is package theft, where awful people drive around neighborhoods looking for delivered packages left on someone's front porch. It happens in Rochester, and I'm guessing it's only going to increase over the holidays.

That's why Lifehacker recommends that you register your address for USPS Informed Delivery before someone else doesWhen you think of all the stuff you can receive in the mail, like credit cards, billing statements, or anything containing sensitive information...yikes. It probably makes sense to go ahead and register your pad just in case.

You can register your address here. But if you want to completely opt-out of the service altogether, you can try contacting

Source: Lifehacker

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