We asked some of our listeners, "What would you do with $1,000?"

Some of their responses were unique, while others gave us a much more elaborate response! Check some of them out:

John - "I would sit on it."

Now, I don't think John meant that literally sit on the money, but rather save it up for something nice. Maybe a trip with the family, or something to that extent!

Mary - "I would pay off my car!"

You go Mary! $1,000 could really put a dent in your car...payment!

Randy - "I would take the money, and go to Las Vegas as soon as I could. With my excellent run of luck, I would attempt to double, maybe even triple my money within a two-day period. Every time I doubled my money, I would stay an extra day."

Randy, I am not sure how great of an idea that is, but you go for it! I am not going to hate on your testing your luck after winning $1,000!

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