Fidgets. Who would have have thought a little toy would create controversy? My girlfriend used the word first, and I had absolutely no idea what she was talking about. If you are like me, and I have no idea what they are, they are a toy with a bearing in the middle that allows kids to spin the toy in their hand.

She told me that these fidgets are great for kids, because they help some kids control their anxiety, ADHD and relieve stress, especially if the kid has the right fidget. It made sense to me, and if it helped the kids focus in class, why not allow them to use them?

Well, the fidgets have gone mainstream, and tons of kids are bringing them into classes, and actually causing a distraction! Weird, right? A toy created to help kids focus, is now a distraction.

The toy has been banned in some schools across the world, according to TIME. I do not know of this banning trend hitting southeast Minnesota at all, but it has started out on the east coast.

It is unfortunate that Fidgets or Spinners that were used for a good cause and helped several students get focused on to what they should be focused on. I hope that they will still be continued to use, if they are used correctly.

Now, it is not only fidget spinners that some kids use. It can be a bean bag among other small toys that can be used to help keep a child's focus on what they are suppose to be focused on.

What do you think about the fidgets? Do you like them? Or think they are being abused? CBS Miami did a story on it too, check it out via YouTube.

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