I do enjoy myself a good winter. The snow, the holidays, and the best outdoor activities. There are just way to many different activities to do in the winter, and I have a hard time getting all of them in.

You already know that I try to enjoy some good snowmobile ride, but I also enjoy ice skating, cross country skiing, ice fishing, snow skiing among others.

As a kid, I always liked to go outside with the neighbor kids and make snow forts. I am not sure how we got away with it, because it was in the neighbor's yard. We didn't own the place, but the person that lived there didn't care, it was pretty sweet.

Now, my favorite is going out with some buddies and going ice skating. The biggest issue is that I am so out of shape, that I can't skate for very long. Oops.

What I am most curious about is the best activity to do in Southeast Minnesota? There are tons of parks around here, and I have always wondered what the best activity is to do? What are your suggestions?

Lets say I want to take my girlfriend on a nice date full of outdoor activities, where do we go? I need some help!!

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