I like to think I am flawless.

Obviously, that isn't true, but I like to think it. Anyway, I made a huge mistake this weekend, and it involved my snowmobile.

As some of you may recall, I have been asking for some better weather to help me get out on my snowmobile. Well, the snow we got was about as perfect as it could have been! But, guess what? I didn't take my sled out at all.

In my defense, there was an attempt to start my snowmobile this weekend, but it didn't start. There is some fixing that needs to be done for it to be ride-able again. That doesn't mean I didn't have an opportunity to ride a different sled.

I am throughly disappointed in myself. Can you believe it? I'm pretty sure this was as good of weather we were going to get for snowmobile riding. According to the many other people I talked too this weekend, the trails were great, and the weather was perfect.

The question is then: Why didn't you get your sled out, Luke?

Well, that answer is very simple.

I just didn't have the time. My weekend was so booked up, I was unable to get the snowmobile out and running. I'm really kicking myself about it. Although I did have a fantastic weekend, I wish i would have taken the time to hit the trails. I'll have to try again next weekend!

Did you go out? How were the trails? I'm still regretting this....

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