The true question of the season. There are several different ways to go during this time of year, looking for the exact right piece of candy to give to your wife, husband, girlfriend or boyfriend.

Some people like to get big, elaborate gifts on Valentine's day, but not me. I get my girlfriend some candy and that is about it. We do dinner and exchange cards. That is all, and I think I am in the majority on that one.

It then dawned on me. What are the best Valentines' Day candies?

Here are my Top 3, and you can bet that my girlfriend will be getting one of these candies. What is your favorite?

#3: Assorted Chocolates

It seems kind of obvious, but it is something that anybody and everybody loves! There different kinds of Chocolate in each box, which makes it very versatile, something that is very important in Valentine's Day candy. While it is a very good gift, it isn't top on my list.

#2: Hersey Kisses

It is one of the best pick-up lines out there. "Do you want a kiss?" If he/she says no, you pull out the Hersey Kiss and eat it, if he/she say yes, you know what to do. Also, they taste fantastic. Who doesn't want an actual Hersey Kiss?

#1 Dove Caramel Chocolates

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These are my absolute favorite. There are several different kinds of Dove chocolates you can buy like the dark chocolate and the original milk chocolate, but my favorite are the ones with caramel in them are the best.  For the holiday, they even come in heart shapes.


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