I stumbled upon this the other day, and thought it was pretty interesting. First, who ranks cookies by their state? It is all about flavor, duh!

That point is really...well...pointless. Anyway, what I do like about this post is that it gives you an idea about what other state's favorite flavors are. Pretty interesting stuff, right?

Anyway, according to Good House Keeping, the best cookie in Minnesota is the Chocolate Chip Cookie!

I think most people that are native to the state of Minnesota could sniff this one out from a mile away. If you ever go to the Minnesota State Fair, you know the first thing to do is get some cookies from Sweet Martha's!

What do other states like? Our neighbors to the south enjoy a good Corn Cookie, while North Dakota likes oatmeal raisin, which is crazy because raisins don't belong in a cookie!!

South Dakota enjoys a Honey Peanut Butter Cookie which actually sounds super delicious, while Wisconsin likes the taste of Lemon Cream Cheese Cookie.

What is your favorite cookie? This site got it right for me! I love a great chocolate chip cookie! I also love Oreos...lots and lots of Oreos.

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