The NFL Draft is less than one week away, and the Vikings have some work to do. Yesterday, their schedule was released, and now all the focus will turn to the draft.

The Vikings have been known for building their team through the draft, some recent examples include:

Adrian Peterson
Harrison Smith
Chad Greenway (Is it really recent, if he has retired?)

There are many other high-quality players the Vikings have selected in the draft, but they have had their fare-share of bust as well. Who are some of them?

According to THIS post from Fox Sports, here are some of the biggest bust in Vikings history. The website didn't rank them, so I decided to take that upon myself, using the players they selected.

1. Troy Williamson

Minnesota Vikings v Denver Broncos
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This has to be the biggest bust in Franchise history, no? When the Vikings drafted Williamson, the speedy wide-out from South Carolina, the Vikings thought they were getting the replacement to Randy Moss. Instead, they got a pass catcher who couldn't catch the ball. All he could do is run really, really fast. What a waste of the 7th overall pick.

2. Christian Ponder

Minnesota Vikings v Dallas Cowboys
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I remember when the Vikings made this selection with the 12th overall pick in the 2011 draft. My dad sent me a text that said "Who is Christian Ponder?" I replied with the classic "Idk LOL" I have been a sports junkie my entire life, and I didn't even know the player my favorite team used a first-round pick on. Not just any first-round pick, the 12th overall pick. Man, oh man. He was good enough to hand the ball to Adrian Peterson in 2012. That was about it for him.

3. Erasmus James

Minnesota Vikings v Atlanta Falcons
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This dude played in 23 games in 3 seasons for the Vikings. Not quite what you are looking for in a first-round draft pick. Yes injuries really hurt his career, buy the former Wisconsin Badger was taken with the 18th overall selection to make an impact on the team's defensive line, which he never did.


Did we miss somebody on this list? Who do you think is the worst pick in Vikings' history?

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