So, sometimes I ride around and I notice the glove compartment, where I don't put any gloves. So what gives?

Well, back in the day, in open vehicles, gloves were an essential part of the driving experience it seems. Bikers still wear them, perhaps due to air currents and numb hands, but I don't completely understand the use in regular driving cars nowadays.  I do have a sunroof, so sometimes glove compartment becomes a place for my food wrappers in a pinch. So many people

Glove Box

I know have their CD's and other equipment in there. But I'm a little different usually; I have travel essentials when I travel. Toothbrush, toothpaste, floss. And always a baseball. I might have to make it a different kind of glovebox if I can fit my baseball glove in there.

What do you put in your glove compartment?

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