I just can't believe it.

This morning we learned that, the amazing, Chris Cornell had passed away in Detroit.  Today (5/18) Z-ROCK 107.7 is playing everything Chris Cornell at the top of every hour to celebrate his talent, music, and to share memories. This is crazy. The latest on the Chris Cornell case is that it's being investigated as a suicide, and I just hope that's not true. If it is, I want to take this opportunity to say mental illness is no joke. I've always felt mental health should be treated with as much priority as physical.

If you saw Chris Cornell with Soundgarden last weekend at Northern Invasion, in my opinion, you would not have known anything was wrong with him. They sounded fantastic!

My friend Micah Strobel plays in Rochester's own Exomen. He took this sweet video! Check out Soundgarden's last festival performance of "Spoonman" here.

Badass video, right! Again, I don't think you would have known anything was wrong with him/them that night. This was only five days ago!!

I was lucky enough to watch this from the front row, while I took photos, and I promise those are coming soon. I'm sure you can all understand Soundgarden's management is swamped, so approval will come when they get to it.

In the meantime, here's some awesome Chris photos!


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