A deer came flying through a school in Mississippi, and it got me thinking, could this happen at a school in Southeast Minnesota?

You can see the deer coming in full speed across the street, and with the door open, the deer just darts into the school, slipping and sliding across the floor, all the way out of the school.

Thankfully, straight down the hall, another door was open and the deer was able to get through the school without harming anyone, or itself.  You can see the video courtesy of the AP via Youtube.

Now I do not believe many schools in Southeast Minnesota ever have their doors open like this school in Mississippi has, which makes this scenario not very likely at all. Yet, it is interesting to think about.

I mean, what would your first thought be if you saw a deer running through your school? If this happened to me while I was still a student, I would have ran so fast in the other direction, I would not have had time to decide what the animal as it ran through the school.

Regardless, I am sure glad that nobody got hurt. That deer could have easily knocked over 15-20 people! I mean, what are the chances that specific hallway is not packed full of kids? Crazy!

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