How is this the first time I'm seeing this video? First of all, it's fantastic. Second of all, Kirk Cousins is actually a pretty good singer.

Are you ready to see your Minnesota Viking's quarterback in a different light? In his words, "that is major blackmail material." I love it! Enjoy.

I don't know what I love most about this video. The glorious outfits, the hilarious theatrics, or the fact that this dude has not aged in the slightest. Ok, that last one is a lie. I don't love that. He's the same age as me...

Well, when his football days are behind him, maybe this could be his next adventure. Pull a Sam Hunt - football star turned country singer?

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Man, I wish I had a video (other than a VHS copy) of my high school talent show. I sang Aretha Franklin's (rest her soul, that crazy talented human) 'Respect.' I had a group of "backup" dancers AND a saxophone player, no lie. I also made a Spice Girl's short film/music video with my friends. As I'm sitting here thinking of those days, I'm so very thankful that recording video on your phone and Facebook were not quite there yet. Whew. ;)

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