There are a lot of scams out there these days, but Rochester Public School officials have sent out a warning about a bogus athletic fundraiser. Apparently, an unidentified young man has been handing out flyers in downtown Rochester asking for donations to pay for his high school basketball jersey. According to RPS officials, this is a scam:

"It has come to our attention that a young man in the community is soliciting for cash donations in the downtown area, as well as local businesses, to pay for his HS basketball jersey. We do not know who this person is, but we know that this fund collection is not associated with RPS. The person is sharing a laminated flyer, donning the schools' logos (we have seen this both with Century and JM). I have included a photograph of the flyer below."


Just as a reminder, Rochester Public Schools don't solicit outside or inside of local businesses. Most athletic fundraisers occur within the neighborhood of the school. If you have any questions, comments, or information regarding this flyer, please contact the local Activities and Athletics Office of your home high school.

Century: 328-5140

Mayo: 328-5560

JM: 328-5330

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