Rochester, MN (KROC-AM News) - The Mayo Clinic and CNN have engaged in a war of words over a CNN story published earlier this week that was titled “Escape from the Mayo Clinic.” On Wednesday, the Mayo Clinic responded to the story about a young woman who claims she was “medically abducted” by staff at St. Marys Hospital by describing the CNN report as “incomplete, inaccurate and irresponsible.”

CNN responded Friday with criticism of its own, including a claim that Mayo ignored the patient’s requests to be transferred to another medical center. The cable news network also responded to the Mayo Clinic’s criticism that issues brought to the reporters’ attention during a four-hour meeting with Mayo officials were not addressed in the story by explaining that Mayo representatives had made it clear the information provided during the session was “off the record.”

That prompted another response from the Mayo Clinic, which basically makes it clear the Rochester-based health care giant stands behind the earlier statement concerning what Mayo describes as CNN’s "sensationalized" story.

“At the heart of this matter is a vulnerable patient,” says Charles (Michel) Harper, M.D., executive dean for practice, Mayo Clinic. “Mayo Clinic firmly stands behind our statements regarding care of this patient and our interactions with CNN. Our thorough, internal review determined that the care team’s actions, in addition to being lifesaving, were true to Mayo’s primary value and we fully support the actions of our staff.”

The latest statement from Mayo says it’s staff never refused a request for a transfer. Officials say Mayo did receive a written request to explore a transfer “within the coming week” on February 27th, but the staff never had a chance to consider it because the patient was removed from St. Marys against medical advice the following day.