Have Mercy!

Ladies, if you're not already sitting down then this news may just knock you over:

I'm not sure the Grandstand can handle all that star power... and by star power, I of course mean sex appeal. C'mon, I'm not stupid.

Turns out we owe The Beach Boys our gratitude because John is joining them on their summer tour, and yes, that means he'll be joining them when they play the Grandstand at the Minnesota State Fair on August 27 show.

Tickets are still available RIGHT HERE, but we all know they won't be be much longer.

Uncle Jesse, I mean Stamos, have been known to join The Beach Boys on tour in the past. In fact, in case you didn't know he's a real-life musician who plays some guitar and the drums.

But honestly, I'm pretty sure he could play the kazoo and he'd still make all his fans swoon. If you're not lucky enough to score tickets to the show, at least you've got the first three seasons of Fuller House on Netflix to enjoy.

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