This almost seems to good to be true, truthfully, but the Twins are doing it! After coming off a franchise worst record of 59-103, the Minnesota Twins are looking to get fans into their stadium early in the season.

According to THIS post from, the Twins are starting a promotion that will cost a fan $99 and give them access into the stadium for 30 games in April and May.

The game pass does not include opening day on April 3rd, and it does not include a seat, it only gets you access into the game, but getting into the beautiful Target Field is pretty much the battle, anyway.

There are so many bars, restaurants and other places to watch the game, that makes a seat pretty much worthless. This game pass is good for 30 games! That is a lot of games to be watched in a stadium as beautiful as Target Field.

This comes after a season where the Twins saw their game attendance drop below 2 million since 2004. Not a great number after Target Field was built, that is for sure. The guess is that the Twins issued this deal to help gain some of the attendance back that was dropped last season.

A better on-the-field product wouldn't hurt, either.

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