Ratings have fallen for Thursday Night Football, quality of play has fallen for Thursday Night Football, more injuries have happened on Thursday Night Football, players have shown their disapproval of Thursday Night Football and Fox just purchased the rights for $550 million a year for the next five seasons, according to Pro Football Talk.

I am not a huge fan of Thursday Night Football. The quality of play has never been up to par, and players don't like it at all. There have been crucial games played on Thursday Nights, on four days rest, and that just doesn't seem fair.

Regardless, the NFL isn't planning on changing anything, anytime soon. Fox purchased the rights for a reported $550 million per year, two years after CBS and NBC shared a package that cost $450 million. Fox will get 11 Thursday games for their money, and those games will be simulcast on the NFL Network.

Both CBS and NBC put in bids, but they were less than what they paid for the past two seasons, which is interesting because it shows that those stations thought the value of Thursday Night Football decreased. Fox on the other hand? Thought it was worth another $100 million a year. Fools, I tell you. Fools.

If it makes you feel any better, Joe Buck and Troy Aikman won't be the broadcasters for the games. So, we have one plus?

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