Have you ever thought about the most common surnames in Fillmore County? Well, I have. There is always a ton of people with the same surname, and I am never sure if they are related or not.


That is neither here nor there, anyway, back to the list.

Many people in Minnesota have a surname that goes with their Scandinavian heritage, along with that comes names that end in "son". You will see what I mean!

Thanks to forbears.io, we are able to see the most common surnames in Fillmore County! Their database is very large, and does a great job of breaking it down! The most common surname in the state of Minnesota is Johnson, and that is no different in Fillmore County! You can see the Top 10 below:

1. Johnson
2. Peterson
3. Hanson
4. Olson
5. Nelson
6. Erickson
7. Smith
8. Anderson
9. Miller
10. Thompson

Do you see what I mean with the 'son'? That has to be a Scandinavian thing! Either way, you can see the entire list HERE! There are A TON of familiar names on the list, go ahead and check it out! Is your name on the list?

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