Have you seen the meme that shows how Minnesotans throw their paper plate away at a BBQ? It is so funny because it's true. If you haven't seen it - The meme is a picture of a plate that has been placed upside down in the garbage so the host of the party can't see the food you didn't like. Minnesota nice, right?!?

The team at smokedmeatsunday.com recently studied social media trends to figure out what food Minnesotans love to chow down on at BBQs and the food that will make your guests throw their plates away upside down. Check out the most popular and most hated BBQ foods by state below.

The Most Popular BBQ Food In Minnesota


Cheap and easy. Hot Dogs are the most popular BBQ food in Minnesota. Other favorites in Minnesota included hamburgers, brisket, bbq chicken, and pulled pork.

The Most Hated BBQ Food In Minnesota


I don't get this one. Potato Salad is the best. I actually can't think of a side dish that I don't like. What's your least favorite food served at BBQs? Open our app to chat and let us know.

The data in the maps is based on "tweets, hashtags, and direct keyword phrases about top cookout foods in every state. For example, #hotdogs, #hamburgers, #ribs, #potatosalad, etc. as well as keyword phrases such as "I love ribs," "I hate coleslaw," "I hate deviled eggs," "love fried chicken," "cookout hot dogs," "cookout ribs," etc."

The results were based on over 300,000 tweets.

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