Who would have thought there is a day set aside to celebrate vinegar.  That day is today, November 1, National Vinegar Day.  Search "vinegar" on the web and you'll find countless sites devoted to this work horse.  I remember years ago my mom using white distilled vinegar and newspaper to wash windows. They sparkled like no other!  You know that horrible smell that permeates your kitchen when cooking cabbage or sauerkraut?  Here's a trick.  Soak a slice of bread in white distilled vinegar and tuck it into the pot handle; it absorbs the pungent cooking smells!  Want fluffy, non-stick rice?  Add a teaspoon of white distilled vinegar to boiling water before adding in the rice.  Amazing, right?
On a personal note, I've soaked my feet in an apple cider vinegar-water mixture for toenail fungus.  Maybe a little too much info there, but it did work for me!  Want to know more? Check out this great website for more helpful hints and vinegar uses.   What do you use vinegar for?  We'd love to know!

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