I mean, do we really need the reminders already?

November is still technically the fall, right? Yeah, it is, but the City of Rochester has already reminded its residences that they have to clear their sidewalks and paths within 24 hours of the snow falling.

I mean, this is common courtesy, isn't it? Don't most people do this anyway?

Well you would be surprised. I have seen multiple times in my hometown where people would not shovel their sidewalk off, and then kids walking to school, mail carriers, dog walkers and whoever else needed to use the sidewalk would have to go around on the street, or walk through the snow.

Not very nice, people. Most towns in Southeast Minnesota give their residences 24 hours to clear their sidewalks and paths, and if yours is not cleared you could get a hefty fine.

In Rochester, residence who don't clear their sidewalk get an Administrative Fine citation for $40, and billed for the snow removal.

In Spring Valley, residences are charged $75 per hour for the removal, with the minimum charge of $100.

In Rushford, residence are charged $50 per hour for the removal, with a minimum charge of $50.

Yes, it is only November but the snow will come before you know it, and you have to be prepared to remove all of that lovely snow.

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