It might be the strangest reason that a kicker would struggle to make kicks, but according to the Vikings Speical Teams Coach, former kick Blair Walsh struggled because he was too fit.

Yes, the Vikings have had a kicking problem for a while now, and it all started back when Gary Anderson missed the kick against the Falcons in the NFC Championship game. The kicking woes continued when Walsh missed the kick in the NFC Divisional Playoffs against the Seahawks.

Then Special Teams coach Mike Priefer explained why he thought Walsh struggled.

“What happened with Blair, in my opinion, is that he lost a lot of weight," Priefer said in a news conference on Thursday. "He was trying to be more fit, and when he lost the weight he lost the strength. He lost the strength, he changed his technique and then he wasn’t as successful. That’s something I tried to stop and didn’t get it stopped.”

It sounds weird, but because Walsh lost weight and got into BETTER shape. Now, doesn't that seem just a little off?

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