I can’t believe how fast summer has gone. We’re already into the “technical” final weekend of summer, but if you’re already down for fall shenanigans and can’t wait for Halloween, you’re in luck.

Today marks the first official day of the Rochester Haunted Trolley Tours if you’re looking to get a jump start on the spookiness of Halloween season. The tour will take you through several haunted sites throughout the Med City; I’ve never gone on this before, so I’m very interested. According to their Facebook event page, they’re promising stories about grave-robbing, unsolved murder mysteries, and other things of the spooky and haunty variety. I am so down for this.

Here are a few sites on the tour:

  • Flooded Nursing Home
  • Mayhem at Hilltop House Mansion
  • Unmarked Graves on State Hospital Campus
  • Infamous Inmates & Federal Medical Prison
  • Oakwood & Calvary Cemetaries
  • Pedestrian Subway Tunnels of Old Hospital Morgue

Creepy. The tour will run every Friday through September 29th from 7:30PM to 10:30PM. You can buy tickets online for only $33.



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