If you know me, you know that I love bowling. Everything about it. There is much more for me to learn about the game of bowling, but one thing that surprised me most about league bowling is that it has its own National Day! Yes, Sept. 3rd is National Bowling League Day!

Now, how did bowling get its start? Well, according to National Day Calendar bowling started as a game of nine pins and was a big gamblers game. (Who would of thought? It is not like Reno is the capital city of bowling or anything...)

Anyway, when the nine-pin game was outlawed, the American Bowling Congress got together and created a new game with 10pins and many other rules were put in place. Is bowling still a gamblers game? Yeah, very much so. Is it still awesome? You betcha.

Apparently it was created outside. Thankfully they brought it inside. Can you imagine bowling outside in the middle of winter on a regular basis? No thank you.

The crew at B&B did it one year on the anniversary of the fire in Preston, which was a really special moment, you can check that out below:

In other words, you have to get your league together and bowl on Sept. 3rd! That must be why so many bowling league start the week of Labor Day, because it is National Bowling League Day! Pretty sweet stuff. Now get your shoes, and go bowling!

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