Seems a little ridiculous, right? Either way, talk about efficiency.

This bowler from New York bowled a perfect 300 game across 10 lanes in an amazing 86.9 seconds. That is a world record! Yes, you read that correctly. He had a different ball for each lane, and threw 12 consecutive strikes. It is pretty impressive, and I can only imagine how much energy he used running from one lane to the next.

You can take a look at the video for yourself and how impressive it really is thanks to this video via YouTube from

To think that this is even a world record is incredible, and watching him complete the feat is truly impressive.

If you remember, not to blow my own horn, but I could barely complete this task on one lane...this guy did it on 10 lanes.

I think I will have to try this myself, as well. Stay tuned because this could be fun! I am not sure how many times he had to attempt it, but I think I would be dead tired after my first attempt.

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